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How to Play Strip Poker!

The Strip poker is a sport almost as old as poker itself, a very interesting game where the chips have no monetary value but of clothes! This article then serves to explain the art of undressing your opponent!

Rules of Strip poker

The purpose of this article is not to satisfy the libido of anyone or encourage inappropriate social behaviors, but to give you the knowing of the rules of Strip so that you spend time taking off her clothes of your opponent and not discussing the rules!


-It is needed two players and a deck of 52 cards;

-The rules of the hands and moves are similar to Texas Hold'em;

-There are two variants of the classic game and Quickie;


1 - Classical Variation


Each player receives a number of gambling chips, gambling and bets are the classic way, with blinds, bets, raises, the most common traditional equal to poker, but however if a player loses all his chips, he have the opportunity to buy some additional chips in exchange for a piece of clothing.

If someone loses all their clothes, they are eliminated from the competition, since they can get 10 or 100 chips, which you look better.



2 - Quickie Variation


This variant is played with such a difference with the previous one, each participant who is not the showdown and win, he must remove a piece of clothing, if a player is then a showdown will have to risk a mandatory piece of clothing.

Due to this special rule, the game is much faster and therefore should only be chosen by those who have even a big rush to see the clothes out.


3 - Mini game of Strip Poker


Now if you want to test your knowledge in practicing the rules of strip poker, here you have a mini game of strip poker, the game is completely free you just have to choose between "Lexi", "Marry" or "Tiffany" and start playing!

PPo strip poker online v7 (adults only)  

Figure I: "Mini strip poker game"

Warning this game is intended for adults only!

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