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The History and Origin of Strip Poker

Where and when did it began the Strip Poker?

Here is a question that many of you may never have placed, although it is very interesting in theme of strip poker, we will unravel the origin of the strip poker! How did the people began to bet garments instead of chips?

How did we began to play Strip Poker?

1 - The Origin of Strip Poker


Although it is said that the Strip Poker had origin in New Orleans, United States of America around the same time as original poker in the 19th century, played in brothels, strip poker the term itself first appeared in 1916. It is said that the Strip Poker has probably begun around 1930 with a joke among boys and girls having the sexual connotation up to today!


2 - Television Program of Strip Poker


With the advent of television and the internet there were several programs of strip poker on television as those that follow in the list below:

- Tutti Frutti/Colpo Grosso (Germany/Italy- 1990)

- Räsypokka (Finland- 2002)

- Strip! (RTL II - Germany - 1999)

- Everything Goes - (USA, 1981–1988)

- Strip Poker - (USA, 2000) Ultimate Poker Babes - (USA, 2005)

- National Lampoon's Strip Poker - 2(USA, 2005) Strip Poker Invitational - (USA, 2005)

There are even now several computer games of strip poker like "Extreme Strip Poker", "Glamour Strip Poker", etc..


3 - Strip Poker Video


The video below shows a strip poker tournament that happened in 2004 called "Strip Poker Invitational", a poker tournament perfectly normal but in which besides chips the female players also lost pieces of clothing!

Strip Poker Invitational.part3 por med_23

Video I: "Strip Poker Invitational Tournament Part III"

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